Where do your creations live?

Creating content for social media can be a full-time job. Sometimes that job pays in money, and sometimes that job pays in serotonin and free products. Either way, you’re putting your time into making something. Where does that something live? Sure, you might have the raw footage. What about the text overlay you wrote, the voiceover script, and the targeted hashtags? Does it only live on one platform? What happens if you get banned from that platform? It's gone.

If you like it, then you should'a duplicated it.

Years ago, you had to remember to write changes to a permanent spot by hitting a save button as you worked on files. If a file were important — if it would be devastating to lose your computer or have a hard drive fail, you would make a backup. You would copy those files to a second and even third location.
Your content on social media is no different. If you care about it, put it somewhere safe that you can control. Save your content in multiple places, and consider cross-posting it to various platforms.