Remote Games

Games that help us stay connected, and don't take 45 minutes of rule-explaining.

iOS Games

Among Us

- Needs 4+ players. Similar to Werewolf, one person plays the imposter each round but must keep it a secret and sabotage a spaceship crew without getting caught.

- Free to play with advertisements 

- Way, way better if you video or audio chat (requires 3rd party solution) with other players while playing.


- strategy game, capture territory, wage war, cooperative or versus 

- free to play alone, requires 3-5$ expansion to play online with others

- Asynchronous. You don't have to play at the same time. When you do, there's a little bit of lag - but it can be fun to remind someone it's their turn / negotiate / banter while playing.

Jackbox Games

Trivia style multiplayer games. Requires the person that owns the game to set up some kind of screen-sharing broadcasting solution. Participants will need to see the shared screen and play by providing input on any device that has a web browser.